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Panorama Perfect Lite 1.6

Panorama Perfect enables to make large sized panoramic pictures and edits them
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Anyone wanting a good tool for creating panorama pictures needs the Panorama Perfect 1.6.2 software. This program enables you to make large sized panoramic pictures and edit them to make them look perfect.

One great feature is that this program lets you create huge panoramas that are up to 2 GB in size. Although this is really large, you will not need more than 128 MB of operating memory to do this. Another advantage is that the pixels are not limited to just 65,000. You can go up to over 2,000,000,000 pixels. This program will also automatically bend panorama pictures that are non-horizontal in order to fix any deformation.

With Panorama Perfect 1.6.2 you can also edit before stitching your images together. This includes being able to edit the horizontal line, correct the brightness and crop a picture. Pictures can be improved and deformed, moved and rotated before the panorama is created. The tools are also easy to use and there are functions to help you compare your work to the original picture if you are editing. The created results can be saved as tagged image files in formats like TIF, BMP or JPEG.

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  • Can edit panoramas created


  • Large panoramas and unlimited pixels only possible in TIF format
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